Handel’s Most Beautiful Arias

The baroque orchestra Collegium Musicum Riga was founded in 1990, borrowing its great-sounding name from an orchestra that used to work in Riga in the 17th century. Just like then, the musicians of Collegium Musicum Riga are united by great affection for baroque music. An irreplaceable asset in the revelations of its beauty and mystery is the collective’s creative director – the tenacious researcher of the intricacies of classical, baroque and early music - Māris Kupčs. This company of familiar music professionals in the concert programme Handel’s most beautiful arias is joined by the countertenor Sergejs Jēgers - the owner of a velvet soft timbre, dearly beloved by the concert-going public. This congregation will fill Rundāle Palace White Hall with music of the grand master of baroque opera, saturated with colourful characters and gripping twists in its various stories.


George Frideric Handel’s music


Sergejs Jēgers, counter tenor
Collegium Musicum Riga 
Artistic director and conductor Māris Kupčs