Sergejs Jēgers and the Collegium Musicum Rīga

The baroque orchestra Collegium Musicum Rīgawas founded in 1990 borrowing its name from another historic orchestra in Riga from the 17thcentury. Now just as then the musicians of the orchestra are united by their love of baroque music. A wise and indispensable aide in revealing the secrets and beauty of this music is also the artistic director of the collective – the persistent explorer of early music, baroque, and classicism Jānis Kupčs. Last year the collective was nominated for the Latvian Grand music award in the category ‘Outstanding work throughout the year’, while the category ‘New Artist of the Year’ featured the Latvian- and German-educated traverso flutist Maija Kļaviņa. The local early music masters have been joined in this concert programme by the beloved warm-timbered countertenor Sergejs Jēgers to fill the Rundāle Palace White hall with splendid music from the baroque and classical era.


Music of George Frideric Handel


Sergejs Jēgers, countertenor
Baroque orchestra Collegium Musicum Riga
Artistic director and conductor Māris Kupčs