Children’s concert. "The Child of Fortune"

The musical performance Lucky Childwill introduce the little listeners to a story about a boy that was born under a lucky star. This lucky star will protect him from the twisted plans of the Evil King and help him get through the most difficult tasks such as defeating robbers and the Devil and Devil’s grandmother. The happy ending of the tale will remind of the age-old truth – being happy and blessed never comes from evil and greed, but from a good and just heart.

On the 14thof July at 11.30 AM in the palace courtyard the children will have the opportunity to have their face painted and to take part in creative workshops where they will be making fun decorations in the theme of the story in the guidance of artists. We eagerly encourage all parents to dress their children in the spirit of the Early music festival and the Rundāle palace.


Soloists from the Baroque orchestra Collegium Musicum Riga with conductor Māris Kupčs
Choir Collegium Choro Musici Riga
Evil King - Rinalds Kandalincevs, tenor
Young man - Ansis Bētiņš, tenor
Devil - Sergejs Jēgers, countertenor
Devil’s grandmother – Ilona Bagele, mezzo soprano
Ant, mice, little boy – students of the Riga Choreography School and the Riga Cathedral Choir School
Storyteller – Karina Bērziņa