Elīna Šimkus and Fantasia Ficta (Switzerland)

The early music ensemble Fantasia Ficta was founded two years ago when a group of graduates of the Geneva University of Music Early music department met again in a programme dedicated to Luca Marenzio titled ‘Love, death and Renaissance’. They reunited and are still performing together, and do it so passionately and skillfully that Fantasia Ficta has already earned the reputation of one of the most interesting newcomers to the early music scene. In their well thought-out programmes vivaciously energetic dance rhythms come together with polyphonic sonic patterns of a spiritual clarity, and gentle melodies reveal themselves alongside deeply felt harmonies that are rooted in centuries-old traditions. In the concert in the Small Guild the focus of their attention will be the gems of Italian and English baroque music with such masters as Carlo Gesualdo, Claudio Monteverdi and Henry Purcell among others. This same repertoire has brought fame and critical acclaim for their stage partner Elīna Šimkus far beyond her motherland.


Jacopo da Bologna
John Dowland 
Joan Ambrosio Dalza
Carlo Gesualdo 
Johannes Cornago
Francesco Landini 
Tarquinio Merula
Claudio Monteverdi 
Henry Purcell
Cipriano da Rore
Antonio Sartorio 
Giovanni Antonio Terzi
Adrian Willaert 
and works of Anonymous composers



Ensemble Fantasia Ficta:
Estelle Thévenoz, Féodora Diakoff, flûtes à bec, basson et chalemie 
Machiko Yanagita, Boris Costanzo, luths et vihuela
Louis Poupelin, percussions